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Our motto, “Quality has its tradition", is a statement backed by hundreds of years. On the occasion of incorporation to market town in 1660, and, with that, the freedoms awarded to the citizens of Seckau, the royal baker Adam Gundtschnickh built a new house. Continuously until 1975, this house was home to a bakery, and it remains a confectionery until today. In 1901, Michael Regner bought the bakery from his relative JakobWagendorfer. In 1949, Josef Regner I was rewarded the sugar-baker trade, and in 1957 the founding stones for the coffeehouse were laid.

As the 16th owner of the bakery, Josef Regner II expanded the main house and annexed a bed and breakfast.

The current owner, Michael Regner, took over the business in 1985, at the young age of 21, following his father's illness. He is the fourth generation of the family Regner.

In 1995, Michael Regner began work on his line of Seckauer Lebkuchen gingerbread. Initially it was difficult to establish the brand, but in 2002 Regner got a breakthrough from a short video on the Austrian TV show KlingendesÖsterreich. Production rose year by year, and in 2010, Michael Regner and his family took a big step and built a new bakery next to the main house.

On 29 July 2011, the bakery was opened to great fanfare. At the open house the two consecutive days, Michael Regner and his family happily welcomed between 3,000 to 3,500 visitors.

Loyal to the family’s motto “Quality has its tradition”, Michael Regner and his family place high regard on the quality of their products and in their craftsmanship.