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Seckauer Lebkuchen

Seckauer Lebkuchen – a brand that over the past years has become a synonym for gingerbread excellence.

In 1995, Michael Regner and his wife, Katharina, began taking old recipes to experiment and revise them for today.

It took time and many attempts to subtract the spiciness of the former Lebkuchen and find the best taste possible with a suitable recipe for modern times. Every step backwards was a step forward, and new knowledge was gained. Every year the range was extended by a new Lebkuchen creation.

In the first few years, the gingerbread creations gained a lot of recognition and good feedback. Still, the Seckauer Lebkuchen was not well-known and not yet a trademark. The big change came December 8, 2002.

 A short story about Seckauer Lebkuchen aired on the Austrian TV show 'Klingendes Österreich' – a turning point in the history of Seckauer Lebkuchen that was seen by about 1.2 million Austrians. From that moment on, demand for our gingerbread rose and so did our annual production.

With continuing high regards to quality and handicraft, the Seckauer gingerbread won new customers just through word of mouth. The delicacies are sent today to resellers all over Austria and Germany, as well as to South Tyrol, Italy, and London.

They're now available on shelves of shops in monasteries, specialties and delicatessens, as well as in farmer groceries.